Our Mission

Mastering the fundamentals of impactful architecture; Proportion Space, Materials, and Light, to craft meaningful designs for the most intimate moments of life. Considering all elements of the project, from floor plans that flow to marry detailed elevations, and interiors; to the lighting design. Every element is thoughtfully considered to the highest level of attention, detail, and craftsmanship. As the backdrop for life’s memories, it is important that a well-designed home is layered, personal, and comfortable- reflecting each client’s hopes and vision in a timeless design. This balance is achieved through a broad range of project scopes, architectural styles, and locations. A well thought out design leads to better living.





Design is a collaborative process, where your opinions and concepts matter. We understand you have been thinking of creating your dream home for a while. At Margaret Jane Design Group, we see the vision of the home in its entirety. We are a one stop shop for architectural design.  At other residential firms; clients have to go through a variety of people to see their project through. This can be time consuming and expensive. We offer the expertise in seeing the project from start to finish.

We work in a straight forward, ethical, efficient, and streamlined way. Margaret Jane Design Group gives design schedules on every project, so you know exactly where you are at in the design process, what to expect at each meeting, and are able to track the project- it’s progress, along with the budget. 

Margaret Jane Design Group also allows you a variety of options/ architecture packages on how you would like to work. We understand relationships are important. If a client has built with someone before, has a connections- we are able to work with client specific needs in order to make their dream home, their reality.



Our Work

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