Architecture that is the backdrop for all of the special moments of life.

The vessel that houses what makes our memories.

The snapshots of remembrance.

Where days begin and end.

A quiet place of peace.

A Sanctuary.

Mastering the fundamentals of impactful architecture; Proportion Space, Materials, and Light, to craft meaningful designs for the most intimate moments of life. Considering all elements of the project, from floor plans that flow to marry detailed elevations, and interiors; to the lighting design. Every element is thoughtfully considered to the highest level of attention, detail, and craftsmanship. As the backdrop for life’s memories, it is important that a well-designed home is layered, personal, and comfortable- reflecting each client’s hopes and vision in a timeless design.  This balance is achieved through a broad range of project scopes, architectural styles, and locations. A well thought out design leads to better living.

“Home is the nicest word there is.”- Laura Ingalls Wilder


Meet Maggie

Hello! There are three things you need to know about me right away. First thing, I love to create. I have been building, drawing, and painting for as long as I can remember. I am Type A organized in that I make daily To Do lists (sometimes more than one.) The last thing to know is that I am also a hugger. I realize you are welcoming me into your world as we design your dream home; valuing close relationships is the key to successful design.

I am a Minnesotan at heart; having also spent some time in North Dakota, and California. I received my Master’s Degree of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design at North Dakota State University. Known for unique ideas; I created a graduation tradition for the Architecture School with an alumni, Kristi Hanson, named the “Green Jacket Ceremony” (stemming from the Golf Master’s Green Blazer) that has been running for the past ten years.

I have been practicing custom residential Architecture for 13 years. The beginning of my career was in Southern California; designing celebrity homes throughout the world. I have been very fortunate to work with some of the best residential Architects in the industry; Landry Design Group and Kristi Hanson Architects. These experiences gave me a broad range of design styles, scopes of projects, and budgets. My expertise ranges from hand drawing concepts, understanding City Regulations, utilizing 3D software to communicate design, Construction Documents, Interior Design/Selections, and Construction Administration. It’s my passion to see my homes from start to finish!

Homes are the most personal form of architecture. They impact everyone; from our first memories of making cookies in the Kitchen with Grandma, the backdrop for how our families grow and change, to the sanctuary you escape to after a long day. Every project is unique. It is our biggest investment, not only of time- but also emotion. It is the backdrop for our biggest achievements. To me, there is no greater fulfillment than creating that with others.