Design is a collaborative process, where your opinions and concepts matter. We understand you have been thinking of creating your dream home for a while. At Margaret Jane Design Group, we see the vision of the home in its entirety. We are a one stop shop for architectural design.  At other residential firms; clients have to go through a variety of people to see their project through. This can be time consuming and expensive. We offer the expertise in seeing the project from start to finish.

We work in a straight forward, ethical, efficient, and streamlined way. Margaret Jane Design Group gives design schedules on every project, so you know exactly where you are at in the design process, what to expect at each meeting, and are able to track the project- it’s progress, along with the budget. 

Margaret Jane Design Group also allows you a variety of options/ architecture packages on how you would like to work. We understand relationships are important. If a client has built with someone before, has a connections- we are able to work with client specific needs in order to make their dream home, their reality.


Feasibility/ Preliminary Design

We first meet with a complimentary design consultation at your Residence. During this visit we can evaluate the scope, listen to your dreams and wish list for your Residence. We provide ideas, and determine the feasibility of your project. Examining the Site, and understanding the City regulations for the project help guide the next steps.

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Schematic/ Design Development

Hand sketches of flowing floor plans that marry up with exterior elevations. We provide several options to discuss the different directions and price points with you. After we have settled on an aesthetic and concept you love, we move into designing in 3d. We find this aids in the development of the design quickly, and gives the most feedback on client meetings.

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Interior Design

We provide Interior Design if you do not have a designer you currently are working with. As interiors are developed in the 3D model, many of the details have already been designed (cabinetry, ceiling treatments, stone verses tile, colors/ feel of the space, ect.) We provide a selections book that helps visualizing the spaces, as well as specifications lists for the Contractor if used for Interiors.


Construction Documents

At this time, a Contractor is typically selected, and a budget is agreed upon. We will provide a complete set of drawings for the building permit, including developed details and list of selections. Structural drawings by an Engineer, and Site Plan by Surveyor also included.


Construction Administration

During construction, we have scheduled meetings on site with you and the Contractor to ensure that we stay on schedule. It is important that we are all on the same page for your home, communication is coordinated, and the design intent is followed.



Project Types

  • New Custom Single Family Homes

  • Single Family Home Additions

  • Single Family Home Remodels

  • Multi-Family

  • Office

  • Restaurant

  • Interior Design

As Built Measurements

With remodels and additions to existing homes, it is important to document what is already existing in your home. This involves detailed measurements of existing walls, windows, doorways, and other key elements such as HVAC (heating and cooling ducts) and electrical locations.

As Built Drawings

These measurements are put into computer software to allow accurate designs and bidding as we move forward on the Residence.

City Code Knowledge

Every City has their own special set of regulations that influence what can be done in the design process. Understanding how tall a residence can be, how close it can be to it's neighbors, how much of the lot it can exist on is imperative in design. It is important to choose an Architect with a deep knowledge of each City, and ways to work with the City to make the design a Reality.

Experience with Historic Preservation, Variance Process, Zoning and Planning Commissions

City Code can sometimes involve more meetings than the standard design process. If this is the case for the project, Margaret Jane Design Group has experience in working with multiple Cities in Historic Preservation, requesting Variances, Zoning Changes, and Planning Commission Meetings. A firm understanding of these different groups, and how they impact design can a project into a "no" to a "yes" for following City Regulations

Hand sketched drawings of Floor Plans and Exterior Elevations

All work from Margaret Jane Design first begins with hand sketching and renderings. Communication through hand drawings in front of clients during meetings, and sketching in the beginning stages of design; allows the design intent to be quickly and easily witnessed by the clients and design team. We believe that plans and elevations should marry up with one another and flow. We do not believe in drawing the pretty picture; but instill that both the exterior elevations and floor plans correspond accurately.

3d Modeling of Site, Exterior, and Interior of Project

To fully understand a design; 3D software is a necessary tool to communicate with the clients, Contractors, Interior Designers (if not done in house,) and Landscape Architects. At Margaret Jane Design Group we utilize this software early on with the design process to explore details, and ensure that the design is fully communicated in order to avoid onsite changes during construction. This process involves renderings that are photo realistic, and allows clients to see the exact items, textures, fixtures, and colors selected for their homes.

Drafting in Autocad, or Revit for the Construction Documents of the Residence

Margaret Jane Design Group uses a variety of software to see a project through to completion. Once clients love their new home design, we move into the final Construction Documents to see the project built. Typically at this point, a Structural Engineer is involved, along with a Contractor selected to keep the project on budget. Depending the project scope and size, we will also include a Landscape Designer. Many details are adding to the drawing set. At this point we will have our Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Site Plan, Exterior Elevations, Building Sections, and specific details to ensure the design intent we created in our 3D model.

Interior Design

As the design develops in the early stages, the interior of the home is created to flow with the floor plans and exterior of the home. Margaret Jane Design Group believes you can not do one portion of the design without thinking of the other. What sets Margaret Jane Design Group apart from other Architecture firms in the area; is that we are a one stop shop for all of your design needs. This service is often the most cost effective for clients. We strongly believe in seeing the design intent through from start to finish for homes. However, Margaret Jane Design Group also frequently works with other Interior Designers, and loves to collaborate with talented people (and clients that have a passion for this as well!)

Cabinetry Design

"God is in the details." - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  

As the design develops, many details are created in our 3D model phase where we consider how cabinetry interacts with the overall aesthetic of the home. From the trim work, and moldings used- to how cabinetry adds character to each room.  Styles of cabinetry range based on the style of the home.  Margaret Jane Design Group works a variety of cabinet shops and engineers to see the design through from start to finish.

Material , Plumbing, Appliance Selections

Materials selected make each home unique; from the pattern of the flooring, stone and tile, the stain/painting of the wood- every item is well thought out for the exterior, along with the interior of the home. Margaret Jane Design Group offers plumbing and appliance selections for clients by giving recommendations for each space. We speak about how client's will use each space and room, meet with clients at showrooms, and give selection recommendations for each space.

Interior Design

Electrical Plans are included in the Construction Document package and light fixture selections are also a part of the Interior Design. Margaret Jane Design Group considers how natural light fills each room, and how architectural and art elements should be illuminated throughout the day. We will walk you through your home, side by side with the Contractor and Electrician to discuss locations of light switches, and how you will best use and live in your space.

Furniture Selections

Margaret Jane Design Group works with clients on any existing furniture and special mementos or artwork they would like incorporated into their home design. We will also shop for new furniture and art selections that enhance the architecture of the home; keeping in close consideration the needs of the clients, their family, and potential pets. (We are dog people at our office after all!)